CiviCRM and GDPR

CiviCRM is an open source solution, unlike proprietary software, Open source software is crowd developed and therefore has a far larger pool of resource and support. More importantly with respect to issues such as GDPR the larger pool of resource allows the product to react quickly to new requirements. This was demonstrated during the move to online Gift Aid submissions, CiviCRM was the first major fundraising software to be ready for HMRC’s new online system at the time. The added benefit was that the functionality became available to all installs of CiviCRM immediately without cost and we would expect the GDPR work to be tackled in the same fashion, with thousands of charities benefitting from the collaborative model.

Specific to GDPR, CiviCRM is normally deployed with supporter facing interactions, ensuring that any changes to communication preferences are reflected immediately within the database and therefore reduces the risk of communicating with supporters who have requested opt out, from the channel, group or any combination thereof. The GDPR directives have highlighted the need for security and best practise to also be considered in the overall compliance, therefore the following sections of the document detail the approach that Veda NFP consulting will be taking as well as some core enhancements to CiviCRM to ensure GDPR compliance is achievable in all scenarios.

Our role is to guide our clients through the best practises and follow our planned implementation roadmap over the coming 6 months. The GDPR guidelines do require clarification in some areas, however we feel there is enough information to begin the process, reaching the final industry agreed best practise in time for the May 2018 implementation deadline.

We have have prepared a detailed document on CiviCRM and GDPR which you can download.

Updates to this document will be made avaiable on this page.


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