15 July 2015

GoToWebinar Installation Guide



  • Automatically push CiviCRM event participant to GoToWebinar

  • Ability to determine which participant statuses are pushed to GoToWebinar




Have a GoToWebinar account

Installation steps:

1. Install GoToWebinar extension on your CiviCRM set up

More details about installing extensions in CiviCRM



2. Go to  Events >> GoToWebinar Settings(civicrm/gotowebinar/settings?reset=1)


Select participant statuses to which participant must be registered in GoToWebinar and enter your GoToWebinar account email address and password and press 'Connect To My GoToWebinar' button.

This will connect your GoToWebinar account and will display your upcoming events if it is successful.



after setup.png




Setup CiviCRM Event with Webinar Key

Copy 'Webinar Key' of upcoming GoToWebinar event whichever you want to set up to 'Webinar ID' custom field and save event configuration page

event setup.png


Test Cases:

1) If you choose statuses 'Registered' and 'Pending from pay later' in CiviCRM GoToWebinar Settings page then only participant who registers in Civi on-line/off-line event registration with above status will be registered in your GoToWebinar


2) If somebody cancels registration in GoToWebinar, if you have correct status set up in CiviCRM GoToWebinar Settings page, then cancelled participant in GoToWebinar will not be re-registered in GoToWebinar when you change status of that participant to cancel in CiviCRM.

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