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08 February 2017

Having a CRM which is internet facing has a lot of advantages, easy to publish elements. real time information, accurate data capture and aiming to be the single point of truth. One of the key points here is "Single Point of Truth", a point that Azadi from Priductile kept reminding users during one of our recent implementations of CiviCRM. Single point of truth only works if all the interfaces into the CRM are fit for purpose, expecting someone to login to CiviCRM using their phone and register delegates during an event isn't realistic, it isn't fit for purpose. This is when the single point of truth becomes compromised, how can you send follow up emails with a questionnaire about the delegates experience when you don't know if they attended because you couldn't update the single point of truth. In my experience this is when niche solutions need to be built, they should carry out one function, they should do it well and they should allow the single point of truth to flourish.

Recently we were looking at solving the events management problem, how can you allow staff to register delegates at large events without introducing printed lists into the mix? The Royal Television Society had a 900 delegate event coming up and had taken over 600 bookings via CiviCRM, so it was the ideal time to look at a solution. We had developed an Event Manager app which has a real time connection to CiviCRM, we also had QR codes in place for all delegates and the app has a built in scanner which allows the QR codes to be read. Event managers can update a participant status by simply scanning the QR code for each delegate. The app then marks the participant as attended and thus updating the participant record in CiviCRM in real time.

Mike True, from The Royal Television Society had this to say about the app

The Royal Television Society used the CiviCRM Veda Events Management App for the first time at our recent Careers Fair which was attended by over 600 students and graduates. The Events Management App in combination with reading QR codes (either on an eticket or a paper ticket) allowed fast registration on the door and automatically updated the Participants status in our CiviCRM database. The App has allowed us to greatly improve our registration and post event analysis and communication activities

Short Video demonstration of the Event Management App in action

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