CiviCase integration with Outlook For CiviCRM

25 August 2015

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We are happy to announce that we have introduced CiviCase functionality in Outlook For CiviCRM, wherein a user would be able to file an email as case activity against CiviCase.



  1. New OutlookForCiviCRM setting added “prompt for case”. When enabled, civicase functionality becomes accessible to user.
  2. Record email as an activity against CiviCase.
  3. Allow this for multiple recipients.
  4. Get list of CiviCases for a contact if already exists and user can choose to file an email against the chosen case or can create a new case.
  5. If a contact doesn’t have any existing CiviCase/s, allow them to create a new case from outlook and file the email as a case activity against the newly created case.
  6. A confirmation box “Confirm Activity” is shown at the end to update any email content which would be filed as an activity.



  1. Download and install extension for CiviCRM -
  2. Download and install OutlookForCiviCRM-v2.x



  • Please note, the version of OutlookForCiviCRM in the screenshots below, is for demo purpose only. The version number would change with every new version that we release.
  • STEP 1: Launch your Outlook preferably Outlook 2013.
  • STEP 2: You should now be able to see a tab in Outlook i.e “OutlookForCiviCRM v-2.0.X”. Connect to your CiviCRM account by clicking on “Connect To Your CiviCRM Account”.

​             Case


  • STEP 3: To enable CiviCase functionality, you need to tick “Prompt for Case?” setting. You are now ready to start filing  emails as case activity against CiviCase.
  • STEP 4: So to start with this, compose a new email or if you already have an email in Outlook inbox that you wish to record, you can simply go over to that email, right click and select “Record in CiviCRM”.case


  • STEP 5: Now lets take an example of drafting a new email and recording as a Case Activity.
  • STEP 6: Compose a new email and


  • STEP 7: As soon as you hit Send button, a dialog box will appear. “Do you want to record this email in CiviCRM?”. Choose “Yes”


  • STEP 8: If this email already exists in Civi, a list of duplicate contacts would be one from the list)


  • STEP 9: If the chosen contact has cases, a list of the cases is

    (Here user can either choose an option from the list of cases or can create a completely new case)

  • STEP 10: We will take example of both, choosing from existing case and creating a new case.

    1. Choose an existing case Or
    2. Create a new Case:

      On choosing a new case option, “Create new case” form

      Fill in the form details for creating a new case and submit. A new case in created. (Click on the Case URL to go to the case)case


  • STEP 11: By this step you have either chosen an existing case or created a new Case. Upon this, you get a Confirmation screen i.e “Confirm Activity” screen. This screen provides you the ability to edit/update the content of the email. For example to choose different activity type, activity subject or activity content.
  • STEP 12: In CiviCRM go to that contact, under “Cases” tab, you should see a new case(If you chose “Create New Case”)

    1. New case created under contact:case

      Activity created against this newly created case “LLR”

    2. Or if you chose an existing case:

Admin Settings - Set default activity type for Outlook emails

You can set the default activity type for all the emails filed from Outlook. By default it’s set to “Email”.

To change this setting, in CiviCRM go to Administer -> System Settings -> Outlook Settings


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