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  1. GoToWebinar Installation Guide

  2. Go Cardless Installation Guide

  3. If you have been using activities then at some point you might've felt to have a functionality that'd repeat your activity on certain days. For example repeating a follow-up phone call with client that happens on every Friday of the week or any sprint meeting that happens every two weeks, on Monday. If that's the answer you seek then here it is, you can now actually repeat your activities on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

  4. Direct Debit Installation Guide

  5. Smart Debit Installation Guide

  6. If you’ve ever wanted to setup a repeating event in CiviCRM, for example weekly church groups, then you’ll know thats its not the most straightforward task in CiviCRM at the moment, requiring large amounts of manual labour to get the desired end result.

  7. VEDA NFP Consulting are pleased to announce the release of the Mailchimp Integration extension. The new extension builds on the existing work done by the science gallery, adding the ability to pick the Mailchimp List the CiviCRM group should be integrated to as well as making the entire process a much simpler one to setup.

  8. Gift Aid for CiviCRM


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