Veda Team

Parvez Saleh

Managing Director

Parvez has worked with Not for Profits for the past 20 years. During that time, it became clear to him that no matter how large or small an organisation is, the technical aspirations are similar for everyone.
A geek at heart and having worked on web facing portals throughout his career, in 2006 he discovered CiviCRM whilst working for a fundraising charity. He quickly realised with the right technological base a true Not for Profit centric platform was available.
In 2007 he was responsible for establishing NFP Services and then in 2012 Parvez founded Veda Consulting with the sole mission of being able to invest 25% of it’s time on a pro bono basis, thus giving back to the open source world. He believes that it’s only through working as a collective we can ensure everyone has access to all the tools they need in order to maximise their reach, every £1 a supporter donates should go as far as possible.
Other than that, in case you’d like to buy him lunch one day, it’s worth noting he is a vegetarian with a twist (no eggs, onions, garlic or mushrooms please!)


Chief Operating Officer

Daniella is our Chief Operating Officer and has been with us since 2016. She has over 12 years’ experience in the area of technical event management, which she gained within the creative, business and Not For Profit sectors. Daniella has been using CiviCRM since 2013.

Prior to joining Veda Consulting, Daniella worked at Endometriosis UK where she was first introduced to CiviCRM. She loved it so much she decided to join us by supporting a variety of Not For Profits using CiviCRM. She specialises in advising clients on workflows fit for purpose with CiviCRM such as Gift Aid, Finance, Membership, Event, contact management and day to day administrative processes. Daniella provides a communication bridge between our technical CiviCRM developers and CiviCRM Users. Outside of work, Daniella is a keen football fan, loves travelling and fighting for causes close to her heart such as Homelessness and Animal Rights. She is dog mum to Zola, our office dog.


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Rajesh Sundararajan

Sr. Software Developer / Architect

Rajesh is a ZEND certified PHP developer, with over 9 years experience in design and development of web applications.
Rajesh is our Senior Technical Developer. Some of his recent work includes developing Vbase Cloud (a CRM solution designed specifically for Volunteer Centres to take control of their data for greater flexibility and ease of use), CiviPostcode (an efficient REST API created for all UK address lookup requirements for CiviCRM), Postcode lookup extension for CiviCRM (which integrated with the CiviPostcode API). He has also contributed to the UK Gift Aid Extension and Mailchimp CiviCRM Integration extensions. He is also involved in development of the CiviMember mobile app, which will seamlessly integrate with CiviCRM and give the members greater flexibility for membership renewals, event registrations, etc.

Mathavan Veeramuthu

Software Developer

Mathavan Veeramuthu is a mid level developer and has been part of the Veda Consulting team since 2012. He has over three years working in CiviCRM.
After he received a BSc degree from 'Bharathiyar University he, travelled to the UK to complete his PostGraduate degree and received an MSc from 'University of East London' in 2012 articularly has loved working on the following extensions: Payment Imports, Just Giving API integrations import/update, D3 Charts.

Gopi Krishna

CRM & Front End Developer

Gopi is our CRM & Front-end developer. He is specialised in theming websites and apps, developing CMS modules and CiviCRM extensions.

Some of his recent contributions to our team are, CiviEventManager mobile app, CiviMember mobile app, Gmail-CiviCRM integration, Google Spreadsheet-CiviCRM integration and rebranding of Wildwood Trust's website. He is also managing Vbase Cloud, a CRM solution designed specifically for Volunteer Centres. Apart from work,  Gopi is a keen cricketer and photographer.

Jyothi Shree

CiviCRM Lead Developer

Jyothi graduated with a degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Vishveshwarya Technological Unitersity(VTU), India. She started her Career with Raikar computers as web developer and Test Analyst. With 3 years of experience, she continued her professional career at NIIT, India where she worked as a PHP, Java developer and Corporate Trainer. In two years of terms at NIIT, she pursued Oracle-11g and Java Certifications, Received a Customer Satisfaction Award and also served as a Team Lead for 8 months.

She joined us in 2016. In her spare time, she enjoy playing Chess, listening to music, Reading books and visiting art galleries and museums.


Chief Distractor

Zola is our office dog and has been with us since she was 10 weeks old. She has over 9 months experience in the area of sniffing the floor looking for crumbs to eat. Zola provides the office with constant entertainment with her playful ways including skidding around on the floor chasing her golf ball or squeaky toy. She also loves inventing games such as 'slaps' with Parvez.

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